About Us

The Story of White–Spunner Realty


White-Spunner Realty was founded in 1954 -- in the post-World War II years when Mobile’s population and potential surged -- by developing some of the area’s most enduringly successful residential subdivisions. Founded by Blacksher White-Spunner, he actively remains Chairman of the Board.

The company has earned a long-standing reputation for excellence in commercial and residential real estate, from office, manufacturing and industrial to distribution and healthcare facilities. WSR manages more than 1 million square feet of building space, including 58 shopping centers, with a 90 percent or better occupancy rate across the board.

White-Spunner Realty has developed more than 30 prime shopping and retail centers with Fortune 500 companies and more than a dozen residential subdivisions in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Consistently listed among the top real estate companies in Alabama, WSR serves more than 200 investors, many of whom have been with the company since its inception. 


         The Timeline of White–Spunner Realty

1954 - 1970

Developed dozens of now well-established subdivisions throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties, providing families with places to call home as the area’s population expanded. 

1970 - 2000

Developed more than 30 Delchamps grocery stores across the Gulf Coast, including sites in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.


Developed, redeveloped and continue to successfully manage nearly 60 retail and shopping centers along the Gulf Coast.


White-Spunner Realty recognized as a CoStar Power Broker.


White-Spunner Realty celebrated 60 years in business meeting the diverse needs of local, state and national clients including Fortune 500 companies.